Accept privacy policy by May 15: WhatsApp sends reminders to users to accept new privacy policy by May 15

WhatsApp has begun sending out new usage notifications to users, reminding them to accept the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The Facebook messaging app was due to release its new privacy policy by February 8th. But it was delayed until May 15 when users began to raise privacy concerns.

Many WhatsApp users shifted to other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal due to Whatsapp sharing users’ private conversations with Facebook

However, WhatsApp released several clarifications, saying that the chats are end-to-end encrypted and no one other than the receiver and sender had access to the chats, not even WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging app took the help of various ways to educate people about the new privacy policy.

Accept privacy policy by May 15 :

Now users, report that they have started getting new notification from the company, to accept the privacy policies by May 15.

“The terms and privacy policy will take effect on May 15. Please accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp after this date,” the notification read

In the notification, Whatsapp specifically mentions that it is not changing the privacy of user’s personal conversations.

They say the update will make it easier for businesses to chat using Facebook tools. The company claims that chats with these businesses are optional and that it is named in the application.

Meanwhile, the Centre on March 1, told the Delhi High Court that the policies are still being examined at the highest level And that they are looking for some explanations from WhatsApp on this. Observing the submission, Judge Sanjeev Sachdeva granted the Center three weeks time for this purpose and asked it to file a status report on April 19 when listing the matter for further hearing.

The Centre had earlier informed the high court that WhatsApp was treating Indian users differently from Europeans over opting out of its new privacy policy which was a matter of concern for the government and it was looking into the issue. It said it was also concerned that Indian users were being “unilaterally” subjected to a change in privacy policy through the instant news site