3 Best Rechargeable or Inverter Led Bulb in India

What is an inverter bulb?

The Rechargeable Inverter Led Bulb is designed in such a way that it will switch on automatically in case of a power cut. No need to turn on the switch again after a power failure.

How does an inverter LED bulb work?

Inverter LED bulbs have built-in lithium-ion batteries. The device converts the DC battery power into AC voltage, which is what allows them to supply bright light even when the main power is off. Do note that the overall capacity of the battery can vary from product to product

Inverter/ Rechargeable bulbsWattageCharging timeBackup duration duration
Battery Capacity (in mAh)
BasePrice On
Philips Inverter Bulb12W8-10 hours4 hours2200 mAh Li-ion BatteryB22Amazon
Halonix Prime Inverter bulb12W4 hours4 hours2600 mAh Li-ion BatteryB22Amazon
Syska SSK-EMB-07-01 rechargeable bulb7W8-10 hours3.5 hours2300 mAh Li-ion BatteryB22Amazon